2019 tiny desk contest submission


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Advocate - Wade Landry  11.15.18

Advocate - Wade Landry


Album review: The Nocturnal Broadcast explores contradiction with 'Atrophy'

“The guitars sound mostly bittersweet with just the right amount of fuzz, evoking contradictory feelings. One moment the melody sounds uplifting but on the next things feels foreboding, like on the record’s first track, ‘Silicon God.’”

The Nocturnal Broadcast is the HEAVIEST Band in Baton Rouge

“...everyone focused on the lyrics and musicianship because you could actually hear what was going on.”

Medium - Jack Loveless   10.16.18

Medium - Jack Loveless


LSU Reveille - Mads Reineke  4.12.18

LSU Reveille - Mads Reineke


The Nocturnal Broadcast gets head-start to music career

“LaCour and his bandmates said they utilized deep emotion to feel connection to their music. That kind of emotion seemed to bleed out from LaCour into his bandmates, who each felt their own deep connection to their music, and to LaCour’s music especially.”